Mobility Scooters & Power Chairs for Seniors

This catalog features mobility scooters and power chairs (Medicare Scooters), at the best prices available, designed to help seniors and the disabled maintain their mobility. With the appropriate prescription from your doctor, your Medicare benefits cover 80% of the cost of approved mobility aids.


Electric Mobility Aids Lower Healthcare Costs

Power mobility products reduce or eliminate the need for home care assistance, reduce accidents and hospitalizations, improve members' general health and well-being and save thousands per year, per patient in total medical costs.

Mobility Risk Avoidance

Mobility-impaired patients pose higher risk of complications from overexertion (e.g., stroke, heart failure) and more significantly, falling. Power mobility reduces the risk of fall-related injuries by 75%. Hip fractures can cost more than $20,000—and fully half of patients with such injuries do not return to independent living, further increasing the cost of care.

Improved Maneuverability and Range Compared to Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair goes as far as a person can wheel it by hand —- almost always much less than the range of a power wheelchair. Manual wheelchairs are also typically considerably less maneuverable, particularly in tight spaces like inside the home. Members who have power mobility equipment are more likely to use their equipment, resulting in fewer fall-related injuries, greater overall health and well-being and lower health costs.

Medicare Scooters

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Born in 1957, smack-dab at the crest of the baby boom, I'm part of the tsunami of new seniors eligible for Medicare. As caregiver to my elderly parents, one of my many roles is shepherding them through their healthcare twists and turns, including Medicare. My hope is that my experiences may help others who find themselves on the same path.

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